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Glide template

Create a custom eCommerce app: selling shoes, clothing, accessories. Product listing, filter by category, add to cart, payment.

Glide template

Create a custom food delivery app like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. Browse menu, place order, add to cart and payment.

case study

A case study (video + slide) on how I built an app in 24 hours, became Product Hunt #1, featured on Lifehacker, hit 5,000 visitors in 2 weeks, with $0 marketing spend.

carrd template

Website template for food delivery startup. Can be used as landing page, app launch and marketing page.

carrd template

Startup landing page template with signup form, multi-section, mobile responsive and call-to-action.

carrd + airtable template

Create a personal info page, content directory and personal branding website. List of Q&As and category tags.

video call

Have a product idea but not sure how to build without code? Let's get working and map out your Idea, Problem, Solution, Nocode tools & Plan your building process!

Meet the product builder on Hacker Noon interview

Zoe Chew on Hacker Noon (tech publication with 8 Million monthly pageviews) shared thoughts on building and launching products in 24 hours.

Join 1,900 people who Build & Launch

Each month, I break down a product idea and build a prototype around it. I share my product process you can't find on Google.

No-code templates & tools to build idea into product, MVP & app

FAQ on using no-code templates for your project

How to download the templates?

After your purchase, you will be redirected to get the template transfer link in a PDF. From there, you can duplicate a copy of the template.

Any examples of businesses that use no-code to generate revenues?

Product2kit is a real case study from idea to revenue without code. I created this website using Carrd and the sellable products using Glide.

How to edit the app template content and design?

You will need ZERO coding to edit the content. Glide template: You can modify the template for your project idea via Google Sheets and use Glide to drag-and-drop the design of your app. Carrd template: change the web design, color, images & text by drag-and-drop. All you need is to create free accounts using these free tools like Glide or Carrd.

What is a Glide template?

Glide allows you to generate mobile apps without code using Google Sheets in PWA (viewable in app-like features across mobile & desktop). Templates built using Glide allow you to edit the content and design via Google Sheets and Glide.

What is a Carrd template?

Carrd allows you to build websites without code. Templates built using Carrd allow you to drag-and-drop, create mobile responsive sites, multi-page or one-page layout, payment integration, email opt-ins.

Why no-code templates?

Quickly turn your business idea into a functional app without programming required. It's the cheapest way to build prototype, test your idea and get it in front of potential customers. Validate ideas before spending thousands of dollars.

Hey, it's 👋Zoe Chew. Have a product idea but not sure how to build without code?

Outline of 60 min Product Session

(1) Ideation - Walk me through the idea you want to build

(2) Problem - Are you solving a valid problem? Use these 6 ways to find out!

(3) Solution - Let's map out the possible solutions and create the right value offerings for potential customers

(4) Key functionalities - Help you map out the key functionalities of your app, so you know "what" to build

(5) Nocode tools - Help you choose the right nocode tools, compare pros & cons

(6) Plan - Create a product building process and break down into small achievable steps

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No-code templates & tools to build idea into product, MVP & app